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Mesa/Boogie Recto Slanted Style 4x12 CAB IR

MESA/Boogie Recto Slanted 4x12 Style Impulse Response (IR)
High quality 48Khz 24bit
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This is a high quality Convolution Reverb or Speaker Simulation for use with an IR Loader. The tone is based on a 4x12 MESA/Boogie Recto Slanted style Speaker Cab and can be used for cleans and drive.

It is recorded with a:
1x SM57 on cone
1x SM57 at angle with cone
1x ribbon off-axis
These are blended for a ballanced tone.
No reverb, delay, EQ or cmpression employed. Just the dry sound to allow it to be flexible in your mix.

After purchase you will receive the IR file via email. For single purchases the file will be the IR .wav file and for bundles we will send you them in a zip or RAR file.

All Convolution Reverbs and Impulse Responses are 48Khz/24bit high resolution files.

Please note you will need an IR Loader to use these files. We suggest Rosen Digital, LePou or Two-Notes.


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