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MicroPara EQ by SineEffect

The microPara parametric E.Q pedal is the Swiss Army knife of one-band EQ pedals. If you need to cut out some muddiness on electric guitar, give your acoustic guitar more sparkle or make your bass guitar stand out in the mix, the microPara can help you out without taking up much space.
1 band Parametric EQ Pedal by Sine Effect - microPara 1
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1 band Parametric EQ Pedal by Sine Effect - microPara

Para (microPara) Parametric EQ pedal

With the microPara, you can fine-tune your chosen Frequency by picking one of two frequency ranges, cut or boost by up to 15dB, choose between band-pass or shelving filters and add or remove 10dB of gain from the input.


    Frequency range adjustable between 25-400Hz or 400-6,400Hz (6.4KHz)
    Switchable between Peak, Low Shelf or High Shelf EQ modes (+/-15dB gain in both modes)
    Switchable +10dB input gain
    Accepts both 9 and 18V DC supplies
    Low noise components
    Hand-measured capacitors for high accuracy
    Small form-factor


    Operating Voltage: 9-18V DC mains adaptor (DOES NOT USE A BATTERY)
    Current Draw: ~15mA
    Input/Output Impedance: 1 Megaohm/200 ohm
    Accuracy: +/-5% (all controls)
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
    Dimensions: 10x6.5x5cm (including sockets and knobs)

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As these pedals are made completely by hand, there may be some slight visual imperfections that you wouldn't get from factory robots. Every effort is made to ensure that the pedals look cool and sound good, though!


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