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Genesis Buffer pedal by Krachwerke

Krachwerke Genesis Buffer Pedal for guitar and bass. Make your High-Z Low-Z and restores high frequencies
Genesis buffer pedalGenesis buffer pedal
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Genesis buffer pedal
Genesis buffer pedal
Genesis buffer pedal
Genesys buffer pedal

Bring the sparkle back into your pedal chain. Bring back high end and clarity to your signal when using long leads or many true-bypass pedals.

Sometimes big problems call for a small solution.

The Genesis Buffer is a new pedal from Krachwerke. At just over 5cm x 5cm, this little box steps up your 9V power source to give extra juice to high-end analogue components, making your signal crisp and clear as ever. No more wasted space just to preserve your tone through long cables! Made by regular-sized hands.


Input voltage: 9V DC
Polarity: Centre-negative (standard for most pedals)
Current draw: ~14mA
Input impedance: >1 megaohm (1M)
Output impedance: 100 ohms
Voltage swing (headroom): ~12vpp
Dimensions: 51x51x32mm

- Small size saves space on your packed pedal board
- Voltage is increased inside the pedal for more headroom
- High-end analogue chip
- Low output impedance
- highs with no tone colouration
- Radio frequency (RF) rejection
- Heavily-tested and heavily-played!


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