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Recording is our first love and capturing a live performance or messing around in a studio for hours to record a perfect track is what makes us happy. Please listen to the tracks at the bottom to hear some samples of our productions. These are a collection of live, on-site and in studio recordings. We can deliver high quality:

  • Audio Recording
  • Full Band Recording
  • Solo Recording
  • Live Recording
  • On Location Recording
  • Podcast Recording
  • Voice Over Recording

It is easier than ever to get high quality recordings with each insturment on a seperate track. With good mic placement and the ability to re-amp guitars and basses you can have a great sounding production. Let us record your band or project in high quality seperated tracks and master to it industry standard loudness and fidelity.

Have your music recorded and produced in a relaxing and creative space or in a studio of your choice. We take care that your recording is not just pristine and of the highest quality but also that it lives and breathes with atmosphere, energy and feeling. We can record your band or choir or solo endeavor in multiple tracks to ensure the most flexible post production options. We have over 15 years experience in all forms of audio recording, music recording and sound creation for both audio uses as well as video. We are obsessed with great audio and make sure your project sounds the best it can. We can also take mobile recording equipment to you. This allows us to record you in your preferred environment.

The studio is also perfect for voice overs, choirs, music groups, big bands or just a solo artist with guitar. Because the space is so big the studio and instrument arrangement is flexible and can host nearly any recording requirement.

Rates and terms:
£30/hour for recording, mixing and mastering. £200 for a 8 hour session
Please read our full terms by clicking HERE.
Please prepare yourself for your recording session. This allows quick and efficient recording session.

Some examples of our work

Prepare for your recording
The hourly rate is designed to save you money. The better prepared you are for the session the less time we will spend recording and the better the recording will sound..

Here are the most important aspects of preparing for your recording session, whether it is a live recording or stem by stem:

1. Know your songs inside out
Rehearse your songs until they become second nature. Make sure you know and are happy with the arrangement

2. Dial in your tone in advance
We try to take a snapshot of your tone as it would be if you played live. Please be prepared by knowing our amp/pedal settings.
If you are bringing your own drum kit please make sure it is tuned and hassle free

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