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Prepare for your recording

The hourly rate is designed to save you money. The better prepared you are for the session the less time we will spend recording and the better the recording will sound..

Here are the most important aspects of preparing for your recording session, whether it is a live recording or stem by stem:

1. Know your songs inside out
Rehearse your songs until they become second nature. Make sure you know and are happy with the arrangement

2. Dial in your tone in advance
We try to take a snapshot of your tone as it would be if you played live. Please be prepared by knowing our amp/pedal settings.
If you are bringing your own drum kit please make sure it is tuned and hassle free

3. Check your gear
Guitars and basses are setup properly, tuned and intonated (preferably fairly new strings on and settled in)
Pedalboards and cables are noiseless and crackle free
Vocalist doesn’t have a cold (you are not the Beatles)

4. Know how your songs start and end
Practice and pin down how your song starts and ends. Make sure you are all properly rehearsed on the arrangement of the song

5. Practice tightness and consistency
Drummers need to hit consistent hard levels for best results
A tight performance is key to a great sound
Try rehearsing to a metronome

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