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Live mobile audio recording

High Quality Multi-Track Audio Mobile Recording options for all Live Events, Gigs, Rehearsals, Concerts, Conferences.

mobile recording studio and live recording studioCapturing a full band in seperate tracks has never been more accessible or cheaper. Sometimes the vibe and atmosphere of a great live gig can't be captured again in a studio. Having a few gigs recorded can supply you with a great set of recorded performances that can be used to promote your band or overlay on video.

We record high quality multi-track studio quality audio on location at live events. All required equipment brought in to record anything from a solo speakers to a full orchestra or live band.

Your entire gig recorded live for £200! (Priced at a standard 30 minute set but longer sets by arrangement).  Longer sets priced at £40/hour.

Seperate tracks, high bit-depth, high resolution raw audio files ready to be mixed or mastered (ideally by us).

Recording is ideal for syncing with your video (we can also record the video for the show). We capture the live atmosphere, energy and excitement of the live performance in seperate high quality audio files. Our tracks are up to 16 seperate tracks including ambient recording.

Professional and efficient. We work around you where ever possible to make sure you can concentrate on your performance. All digital so we do not take up much space and do not disrupt the event too much.

Once recorded we can offer you the raw audio files in seperate tracks or we can take it back to be mixed and mastered.

This mobile audio recording is ideal for:

  • Bands who want to capture their live performance. These Band recordings can be used for demos or for future reference
  • Schools or churches who want to record their events in higher quality than just their video cam microphones
  • Choirs
  • Podcasters and vloggers doing live events
  • Artists and musicians who wish to record in the comfort of their own home or rehearsal space
  • To record concerts or theatre productions
  • Conferences live recording
  • Live mixing and multi-track recording of plays and audio books
  • Recording and mixing live-stream events

To know more about our recording, mixing and mastering services please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We operate from Greenock in Inverclyde but our mobile recording rig allows us to travel across Scotlands central belt.

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