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We have a great selection of high quality impulse responses.



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Guitar Pedal Resource and Blogs

Contributions from many resources which talk about and review guitar and bass effects. The blogs also include contributions about guitar recording and mixing, tone shaping, digital solutions, cables and patch cables, pedal boards and power supplies.



Welcome to Krachwerke Guitar Effect Pedals and Blog

Krachwerke is all about music. We build guitar effects pedals, blog about them, make our own music with them and generally just love them. All pedals are hand built here in Scotland. Please check out our social media pages as well as the online shop for great products to help you make more beautiful noise.

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KRACHWERKE philosophy:
We want to use our expertise to get the sound you are looking for. The artist wrote the song and had a vision for it, we want to help you achieve it.


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Live and studio recording services


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Audio mixing services including sound editing


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Audio Mastering and optimising

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