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Krachwerke Impulse Response Bundle 2020 v02 (Code: )

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What you get in this Impulse Response bundle for just £9.50:
Blackstar 4x12 for High Gain Impulse Response
Carvin Legacy 4x12 Impulse Response
EVH5150 4x12 Traditional Voicing Impulse Response
EVH5150 4x12 Specifically Voiced for Djent and High Gain Impulse Response
Fender 65 Twin Reverb v02 Impulse Response
Fender Vibro King V02 Impulse Response
Friedman 4x12 Impulse Response
Laney 4x12 Tommi Iommi modern voicing - an absolute brutal sounding IR Impulse Response
Marshall 1960a JCM 4x12 Impulse Response
Marshall 1960 4x12 Metal Voicing Impulse Response
Marshall Silver Jubilee 4x12 GNR Inspired Impulse Response
MESA/Boogie 4x12 Slanted Oversized Impulse Response
Orange PPC 2x12 Metal Voicing Impulse Response
Peavey Invective 4x12 Impulse Response
Randall 4x12 Metallica inspired voicing Impulse Response
Schechter Syn 4x12 Impulse Response
Suhr PT100 4x12 Impulse Response

This Impulse Responses is recorded with a variety of microphones, usually a Sennheiser MD421 and Royer R121 ribbon microphone. Each mic is placed on an optimum spot on different speakers to get the best tone out of each.

These are blended for a ballanced tone also capturing some of the essence of the cab. These are CAB impulse responses and not just the dry speaker.

The idea is to capture a great sounding response that does the guitar cab justice and can be used without fuss or extensive further tweaking and getting a great sound.

The idea behind this new set of IR's is not to copy a cab but bring out the tonal elements that makes the cab sound unique and amazing.

No reverb, delay, EQ or cmpression employed. Just the dry sound to allow it to be flexible in your mix.

All Convolution Reverbs and Impulse Responses are 48Khz/24bit high resolution files.

Please note you will need an IR Loader to use these files. We suggest Rosen Digital, LePou or Two-Notes.

Krachwerke Impulse Responses 2020 V02 in a mix

Manufacturer: Krachwerke
Price: 9.50 GBP
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