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Guitar Effects Database

Guitar effects database

A database of guitar effects pedals and bass pedals. The database includes pedalboards, power supplies and all items related to guitars, basses and effects. The database is a work in progress and any additions and suggestions are welcome.


Pedal Blogs and Resource

Guitar Pedal Resource and Blogs

Contributions from many resources which talk about and review guitar and bass effects. The blogs also include contributions about guitar recording and mixing, tone shaping, digital solutions, cables and patch cables, pedal boards and power supplies.


Guitar Pedal Shop

Online guitar pedals shop

Sine 'O The Time is run by Krachwerke and SineEffect. The online shop has both these brands for sale as well as a multitude of other brands that don't sell in the mass market. If you are a pedal builder and wish to sell here please contact us.



Guitar and Pedal News

Pedal News Network

Our own Pedal News Network! News from the guitar and effects world.



Buy Impulse Responses

impulse response bundle ir

We have a great selection of high quality impulse responses.



Pedal Police

Many internet trends and PR needs correcting. We look at a few of these and add our 2 pence.




Welcome to Krachwerke Guitar Effect Pedal Resource

Krachwerke is a website dedicated to guitar and effects pedals. We are building a complete as possible guitar and bass effects database as well as creating a wealth of unbiased information and news about guitar pedals, tone and the industry as a whole.

We are also in the process of building an online shop for guitar and effects pedals. This pedal shop will focus on builders and brands of guitar pedals that are smaller or boutique and allow them to sell through us with minimum cost and effort. If you are such a guitar pedal builder please get in touch.

We welcome all contributions!


Krachwerke Audio Recording, mixing and Mastering Services

KRACHWERKE philosophy:
We want to use our expertise to get the sound you are looking for. The artist wrote the song and had a vision for it, we want to help you achieve it.


live and studio recording glasgow greenock

Live and studio recording services


mixing services glasgow

Audio mixing services including sound editing


audio mastering glasgow

Audio Mastering and optimising

Pedals and Effects Blog

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